Become a photographer


  • Because we love sports.
  • And because, having participated in an event and being able to relive it thanks to an image or a video, fills us with joy.
  • And because we know that we have been photographed many times in events, by third parties, and we have not always been able to access those images because technology did not always make it possible.
  • We are offering you a bridge between those photos that are stored in a drawer, or in your computer, and the player that appears in them.

Who posts the photos on Siuxy Sports?

  • Registered members and amateur and professional photographers who decide to collaborate with us.
  • Those who have sent these photos, own the rights to use them.
  • Photographers who wish, can market their photos directly from our platform.

How do I create my photographer profile and send my first photo?

  • To create your profile, just click on the first link at the top of each page, called 'Your Account'.
  • To add a photo, once your account has been created, you must log in to the platform and on the main page, in the 'Actions' section, click on the 'Add a photo' button.
  • To help in the classification of the photo, you can add all the data you know.
  • If you add a HASH (ex: #hash) in the 'Comment' field, all photos containing the same HASH will be presented in the same album.

What kind of photos and information are accepted?

  • Photos of individual or team sporting events.
  • Photos of individual or team school events.
  • Aggregation of publicly available information, including the names and/or photographs of the participants of these events.
  • Aggregation of implicit information, associated to a person or team (example: year of birth of a person, for belonging to a team where only players born in that year are allowed).

Who has created my profile? How can I recover it?

  • If you have not created your profile, it is possible that someone who knows you has created it automatically by tagging your name in a photo, or we have been able to create it from public information shared with the platform.
    You have 4 options:
  1. You are happy with your profile page. You can leave it as it is.
  2. You can retrieve your profile and manage it directly. (On your profile page, by clicking on the 'Claim this profile' button)
  3. You can request the removal of a particular photo. (example: a photo showing an unhappy action) (Click here)
  4. You can request the removal of your profile. (Click here)